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Do you want to grow your business as a student entrepreneur, get a fulfilling shopping experience or engage with the student community? Vasiti is your plug.

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Vasiti provides on-demand access to your needs including trusted vendors around campus to shop for products and hire services, accommodation, internships and more.Vasiti also empowers and educates you through innovative campus events and relevant information on our online magazine.

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We provide all-round support for you to build your business.These include access to customers around your campus and everywhere else,access to trusted wholesalers to buy goods in bulk,supply chain management, funding, mentorship, internships and more.

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Vasiti’s provides you with a fulfilling experience that you can’t get anywhere else.This is because by shopping or hiring services on Vasiti, you get great deals,excellent customer service that guarantees maximum satisfaction and you also help to grow a student’s business leading to positive economic impact.

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We put you in front of thousands of students and enable you engage with them.We love partnerships and so isf you’re interested in reaching out to the student community,offer special student deals, support any of our campus programmes or collaborate in any way, just hit us up and let’s have a chat.

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Shopping on was very easy and seamless The most amazing thing is the delivery, it’s basically takes about 24hours


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Vasiti has developed products to help student entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses, to empower students and make their lives easier.


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